Mohammed V Airport opens a new “Transit” zone and continues the modernization of its facilities

The process of modernizing Casablanca’s Mohammed V International Airport continues through its expansion and equipment with the necessary facilities to allow the comfort and fluidity of visitors, as well as to accommodate a greater number of passengers.

The first phase of the renovation of Mohammed V International Airport focused on the extension and modernization of the transit terminal, which will allow a smooth flow for all arrivals at this border crossing point.

In this regard, the National Airports Office announced, at the beginning of this week, the commissioning of the new international transit zone at the Mohammed V international airport in Casablanca.

The new transit area has been designed to be more spacious and functional, with particular attention paid to operational efficiency and the comfort of transit passengers, in order to increase reception capacity and accelerate passenger flows in transit.

This new area is equipped with modern facilities and equipment, allowing passengers to have a smooth and pleasant travel experience. The commissioning of this new zone responds to the growth in air traffic of transit passengers (HUB Traffic) at Casablanca airport, and contributes to strengthening the central position of this airport.

In terms of numbers, the new transit zone, with an area of ​​5,000 square meters, includes 11 check-in points for transit passengers, 10 checked baggage screening equipment with explosives detector (EDS) and line automatic, 7 magnetic doors and portable metal detectors, 3 body scanners, as well as 7 elevators and 8 escalators.

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