Relab: Revolution of Technological Reconditioning in Morocco


Relab, a Moroccan reconditioning startup, offers premium second-hand technological products with warranty, ensuring data security and ecological commitment.

Relab, a Moroccan online startup, pioneer in the field of reconditioning of technological products, continues to stand out by offering premium used products, increased security for customers and a strong commitment to environmental protection.

Founded by young Moroccans, with a clear vision and a passion for innovation and technology, Relab quickly established itself as a reference in the reconditioning of technological products in Morocco. With a dedicated team and rigorous processes, Relab guarantees the quality and reliability of each refurbished product, offering customers a premium alternative at an affordable price. Specializing in smartphones, computers and accessories, Relab offers a range of carefully refurbished and certified premium used products, using cutting-edge software and hardware. Additionally, Relab offers a 6-month warranty on all products, along with a 7-day return policy and free credit option to ensure customer satisfaction.

“At Relab, our top priority is the satisfaction and safety of our customers,” declare Amine GHAITI and Yassine ESSADIQ, founders of Relab. “We are committed to offering high-quality refurbished products, backed by a 6-month warranty to ensure customer loyalty and trust. Also, our 7-day return policy demonstrates our commitment to excellent customer service. »

In addition to offering quality products, Relab also offers customers the opportunity to sell or exchange their products securely. Before selling a phone, Relab also guarantees the protection of personal data, ensuring the confidentiality and security of user information.

Relab makes a point of contributing to environmental protection by extending the lifespan of technological products and thus reducing the industry’s ecological footprint. “At Relab, we believe in a future where technological innovation coexists harmoniously with the preservation of our environment,” confirm Amine GHAITI and Yassine ESSADIQ, founders of Relab. “By extending the lifespan of existing technological products, we actively contribute to reducing our carbon footprint and preserving natural resources. »

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