This is what France thinks of Marine Le Pen about Algeria


Sunday June 9, Marine Le Pen’s National Rally (RN), the main political group of the French far-right, won the 2024 European elections with 31.5%, a very large lead over the presidential party.

The extremist movement now weighs around 40% of the French electorate with the 5.5% of votes obtained by Macron’s party

Still, the RN elected officials voted with those of the LR on the proposal to revoke the 1968 Franco-Algerian agreement on immigration.

In 2022, Marine Le Pen suggested making the issuance of visas to Algerians and transfers of funds conditional on Algeria’s cooperation on the issue of deportations to the borders.

It was during the 2022 presidential campaign, during which she promised, if elected, to pursue a policy towards Algeria “totally opposite” to that of recent years, while ensuring that she wanted “friendly” and “uninhibited” relations with Algiers.

Except that with the LR, the party led by Jordan Bardella is also a fan of a rapprochement between France and Morocco to the detriment of Algeria.

The fact remains that the National Rally has remained on a hard line regarding repentance and the relationship with Algiers.

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