Chefchaouen: A professor found dead a few days after his disappearance

Ismaïl Bouyakoubi – Heba Press

Yesterday Monday, a professor was found dead at the foot of Mount Kharbouch in the Khamis Madiq community in the Trabia region of the Chefchaouen province, 4 days after his disappearance.

According to well-informed sources, the deceased, aged around 30, disappeared after he and other young people took a walk in the above-mentioned area, prompting young people from neighboring areas to start looking for him. , which led to him being found dead. body.

The same sources suggest that the deceased would have suffered an accidental accident which would have cost her life, her body having been transferred to the morgue of the Mohammed V hospital in Chefchaouen, while the Royal Gendarmerie opened investigations to find out the circumstances of her death.

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