Sahara: The Republic of Guinea expresses its support for the Moroccan autonomy initiative


The Republic of Guinea expressed, in New York, its support for the Moroccan autonomy initiative, “the compromise solution” to resolve the regional dispute around the Sahara.

This initiative is in accordance with the principles and rules of international law, the Charter of the United Nations as well as the relevant United Nations resolutions, to find a favorable outcome to this regional dispute which has lasted too long, underlined the ambassador permanent representative of the Republic of Guinea to the UN, Paul Goa Zoumanigui, during the ordinary session of the C24 which is held from June 10 to 21.

He also called for the rapid resumption of the round table process, with the same format and the same participants, namely Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania and the “Polisario”, in accordance with the relevant provisions of Council Resolution 2703. of security. The goal is to achieve a realistic, pragmatic, lasting and compromise political solution to this artificial conflict, as requested by the Security Council.

Reiterating his country’s support for the political process, held under the auspices of the United Nations Secretary-General, the diplomat praised the efforts of the Personal Envoy of the UN SG for the Moroccan Sahara, Staffan de Mistura, aimed at relaunching of the political process under the exclusive aegis of the Secretary-General, notably his visits to Rabat, Algiers and Nouakchott.

Furthermore, the ambassador welcomed the opening by his country of a Consulate General in Dakhla, not only to strengthen its relations of friendship and cooperation with the Kingdom of Morocco, but also to mark a better presence In the region.

He also welcomed the holding of general, legislative, municipal and regional elections in Morocco, including in the Sahara, in 2021 and the participation rate in these elections, noting that these elections took place in a democratic, transparent atmosphere. , free and credible.

The diplomat also praised Morocco’s respect for the ceasefire and its “perceptible” cooperation with MINURSO.

The Ambassador of the Republic of Guinea also mentioned the “worrying” humanitarian situation in the Tindouf camps, emphasizing the need to carry out the registration and census of the populations sequestered in these camps, in accordance with international law. humanitarian.

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