June 24, International Day of Women in Diplomacy: Women’s rights in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

HIBAPRESS-RABAT- According to Cairn infos

Human rights, formulated at the end of the 18th century, initially only concerned men. It is the gradual emergence of an international community which, by allowing the universal affirmation of human rights, has made gender equality a principle. But this historical assertion should not hide the fact that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights did not fully enshrine the rights of women (women in English-speaking terminology), or at least not in such a way. obvious point that it is considered today as their founding text.

How can we explain the “low incidence”, the low female coefficient of the Universal Declaration? However, there was a long involvement of Women’s Movements before the 1948 Declaration to feminize Human Rights. The UN project aroused great hope in the ranks of these Movements whose first and distant protagonists, Olympe de Gouges and Mary Wollstonecraft had started the fight some 150 years earlier.

Then, the creation of a Sub-Commission on the Status of Women at the beginning of 1947, dependent on the Commission on Human Rights in charge of drafting the Declaration, seemed the perfect opportunity for the place of Women in the Declaration. Universal be particularly considered.

We can of course consider that the formulas used by the Declaration have the merit of existing and that this was already an extraordinary achievement…

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