The day after tomorrow, Mohamed Karim, president of the FAR Supporters Association, is calling for a symposium on hooliganism. A meeting not to be missed


This Saturday, June 29, 2024, Mohamed Karim, president of the AS FAR Supporters Association, calls for a very interesting symposium relating to the thorny problem of hooliganism which is currently raging fiercely on the national scene.

This important meeting which will take place at the Tamesna Socio-Sports Complex from 11:00 a.m. will be led by high quality people in the field in this case Abdelbasset El Hajoui Research Professor at the Ibn Tofail University of Kenitra, Mustapha Hlidane executive educational at the MEN, Mohamed Saaidi former member of the Security Unit and sports consultant and of course Mohamed Karim who will have the main role in particular as facilitator and who will know how to masterfully lead such an exceptional meeting, who will therefore have a real analysis on the situation that prevails today on the ground and that it will have impactful results to take into account

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