German Economy Minister Calls on Her Country’s Companies to Attract Moroccan Skills

As part of the program to attract foreign labor, a German minister called on companies in her country to attract Moroccan workers because of their advanced training, solid experience and reputation, as well as their exceptional skills and high professionalism.

In this regard, Svenja Schulze, German Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, urged companies based in Germany to seek out foreign labour that can add value to the German economy.

The German minister stressed that several countries offer high-level training to their citizens wishing to work abroad, thus encouraging German companies to exploit this opportunity by recruiting these skills.

Svenja Schulze pointed out that among these countries is the Kingdom of Morocco, saying that the North African country has well-trained experts in the field of information technology, which the local labor market is unable to absorb.

The German minister also called on companies in her country to redouble their efforts to accelerate the attraction and hiring of skilled workers from abroad, stressing that the state could facilitate this process by setting up intermediation infrastructures, although centralized financing is limited.

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