Nike Jordan launches a series of shoes adorned with Moroccan zellige patterns.

The fruitful collaboration between the famous Nike brand and Morocco has led the global company to launch a series of shoes from the “Jordan” collection for young people, decorated with Moroccan zellige patterns.

To this end, Nike has launched a series of shoes called “Jordan Air Ship”, in a limited edition of around 15,000 units, on sale in stores in Paris from June 29, and will also be launched in the United States and the rest of the world on July 6.

The “Jordan Air Ship” are distinguished by colors ranging from white to black, with several shades of blue and purple, and are adorned with a Moroccan zellige pattern that ends with a mural.

The “Jordan Air Ship” was designed in the workshops of the “Obiom” store, decorated with stars and zellige, and features “Swoosh” logos that fade to reveal the same pattern, symbolizing the rich Moroccan culture and heritage, represented by the splendor of traditional zellige patterns.

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