CAN Morocco 2025: Morocco is already qualified as a host country, but why will it participate in the qualifiers in Group B? Answer


The draw for the 2025 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) qualifiers has placed Morocco, the host country of the competition, in Group B alongside Gabon, the Central African Republic and Lesotho.

Some people wonder, since Morocco has already qualified as a host country, why will it participate in the qualifiers?

First, for the Atlas Lions, these qualifiers will be an opportunity to refine their preparation for the competition, by testing their cohesion and strategy against varied opponents.

In any case, this is what would be the case for Morocco in its Group and the fate of the other teams…

It is known that the first two teams of each Group will reach the final phase. If Morocco finishes first or second in its group, the following scenarios will apply:

-In case of first place, Morocco and the second of the Group will qualify

-In case of second place, Morocco and the first of the Group will qualify.

-If Morocco finishes third or fourth, it will automatically qualify, along with the first in the group.

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