The Moroccan Union of Football Coaches was born. The outcomes. All photos


The constitutive conference of the Moroccan Union of Football Coaches dependent on the UMT was born this Thursday, July 4 at the UMT headquarters in Casablanca in the presence of a large audience of coaches and national executives and especially declared under the leadership of the strong man of the UMT Mr. Moukharek

An approach that comes to set the record straight on a registry that is full of anomalies and which deserves that such action be devoted to it to get out of everything that is random, client-based and without legal, moral or professional foundation.

Today, Moroccan coaches have taken a step forward but they still need to work properly, seriously, with altruism and principled options so that the Kingdom of Morocco benefits greatly from it on the horizon of the 2030 World Cup, however and this is the main thing: defend to the highest degrees the main interests of the Moroccan coach so that the “harmful” can no longer put their noses where they have no right and who have polluted our football too much until now.

So, let those concerned roll up their sleeves and start today to define real conduct for the good of our coaches and our football.

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