Medical students announce march in front of their college in Agadir and march in Marrakech

The National Committee of Medical and Dental Students announced the establishment of a struggle program at the level of all medical and pharmacy faculties across the country, which began today Sunday in the capital Rabat, Bab El Had Square, followed by a regional landing in front of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of Agadir tomorrow Monday, then a regional march in the city of Marrakech, with a declaration of principled and unconditional solidarity with health workers in their honest defense of the health sector next Wednesday.

The committee confirmed, in a statement issued by it, that it is waging a struggle of an academic, civilized nature, independent of any political orientation, which invokes in the first place the interests of the nation in general and of the medical and pharmaceutical training sector in particular. . Stressing that the open boycott that has been spreading since last December is not the result of the moment, but rather the product of accumulations and transgressions that are far from being a real reform, and that its continuation does not mean that the students accept the blank year, but rather they believe in the inevitability of their victory and the legitimacy of their demands.

The commission also considered that the great procrastination in responding to students’ requests and concerns, which exceeded 200 days, calls into question the willingness of some officials to resolve this issue.

She stressed that the persistence of multiple manifestations of restrictions, ranging from two-year suspensions to permanent exclusion from the university and the dissolution of student representative bodies, indicates the Ministry’s tendency to confrontation and collision with students instead of welcoming them and treating them as conscious young people who bear on their shoulders the concern to reform the medical and pharmaceutical training system, wondering what the decision means. Where after passing the exams? While it must be canceled before any dialogue and before any exam.

The committee considered that it had repeatedly expressed its sincere desire to reach urgent and concrete solutions that would end the crisis, facilitate the salvation of the academic year and guarantee the status of medical and pharmaceutical training in Morocco and the quality of training. its evidence in the ranks of the countries, but it came up against irresponsible ministerial intransigence.

The committee affirmed its adherence to its representative bodies and its right to demand a better reform of the system through a series of civilized and peaceful struggles, as an expression of its discontent with the bitter reality that public colleges have been experiencing for almost seven months. With a renewed appeal to all those responsible to prepare the mind and wisdom to deal with its file of demands, which only carries demands that are in the interest of the quality of training for tomorrow’s doctors and pharmacists.

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