A communication meeting of the Kingdom’s judicial agency to present two new services: the “Mouwakaba” platform and the call center service


As part of the implementation of the strategic plan of the Kingdom’s Judicial Agency (2024-2028), which aims to develop a new approach to the management of state disputes based on the prioritization of dispute prevention and support for public administrations, on Thursday, June 27, 2024 at the Ministry of Economy and Finance, a communication meeting was organized to present two new services aimed at enabling public administrations to benefit from the advice provided by the Kingdom’s Judicial Agency.

At the beginning of this meeting, Abderrahmane Lemtouni, the Kingdom’s judicial prosecutor, presented the main points of the Agency’s strategic plan (2024-2028), which is structured around five strategic axes, mainly related to the support and assistance of public administrations and institutions, coordination and communication with partners, the promotion of a proactive approach and the prevention of disputes, the establishment of a vigilance system, the support of capacities and the strengthening of the defense mission. These axes will be implemented through 26 programs and 73 implementing measures, he added.

As part of the implementation of urgent measures, the “Mouwakaba” platform (https://mouwakabaajr.finances.gov.ma) was set up, which allows public administrations to seek the opinion and advice of the Judicial Agency of the Kingdom, both in terms of management and prevention of disputes, within the framework of contracts or decisions taken by the administration. This platform will also provide access to the product of the vigilance unit set up at the Judicial Agency of the Kingdom to monitor the evolution of legislation, case law, arbitration precedents and the mapping of litigation risks. This service is in addition to the provision of a call center dedicated to coordination. (+

These two services will enable public administrations of all types to support and accompany them in the pre-litigation phases when making decisions or awarding contracts, in addition to supporting them in the management of their disputes, with the ultimate aim of preventing disputes and minimizing their financial cost, within the framework of a proactive approach that supports legitimacy and contributes to the success of investment projects through early intervention to resolve disputes and prevent them from turning into litigation before the courts and arbitral bodies, which will allow rationalizing expenditure and protecting public money.


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