Berrechid.. Arrest of members of a gang involved in the death of people after the capsizing of a secret immigration boat

Heba Press – Casablanca

Members of the Royal Gendarmerie of the Berrechid Brigade were able to arrest and detain five people active in a gang specializing in the movement and facilitation of clandestine migration routes.

According to specialized data, the gendarmerie moved after the capsizing of an illegal immigration boat on the outskirts of Sidi Rahal, in the province of Berrechid, which caused the death of several people, including two girls and a little boy. It discovered the identity of some of them. people who provided logistical equipment in exchange for sums of money received from the “Movement”.

The detainees were heard in official reports and admitted to having received sums of money in exchange for promises of travel. They were presented to the public prosecutor to further investigate with them and reveal the identity of the other members of the network.

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