El Malki: “Supporting education reform, a priority for the CSEFRS”


The President of the Higher Council for Education, Training and Scientific Research (CSEFRS), Habib El Malki, stressed, Wednesday in Rabat, that the diligent support of the education reform, at all levels, has been among the priorities of the Council since the beginning of its mandate.

This support is demonstrated in particular through the monitoring of various educational projects and reform projects, meetings with government officials and the examination of their work programs, as well as interaction with issues and developments inherent in the educational field, noted Mr. El Malki who was speaking on the occasion of the 5th session of the second term of the CSEFRS general assembly.

He noted, in this sense, that the Council, which appreciates all the reform initiatives adopted, considers that the acceleration of the implementation of the provisions of framework law 51-17 and the operationalization of its legal and regulatory framework is an additional guarantee of the sustainability and strengthening of the reform.

This session marks a new stage in the work of the Council and an opportunity to take stock of its fundamental objectives, he continued.

Regarding the 2023 annual report, Mr. El Malki indicated that the General Assembly of the Council created, during the first session, a provisional committee responsible for preparing a draft annual report on the assessment of the work and the prospects for action of the Council.

He added that this document allows us to communicate on the Council’s performance and its achievements in order to successfully carry out the mission entrusted to it within the framework of the second mandate.

This report goes beyond the approach of taking stock of the Council and taking stock of its activities, but is rather an important reference document, which establishes an overall vision of the action, and not of the activities in a quantitative and chronological sense, explained the CSEFRS President.

He noted that the preparation of this annual report took into account the independence of the Council, the effort of reflection it undertakes for the implementation of the reform, the national and international contexts, as well as the particular role incumbent on the Council as an institution of governance.

Alongside the draft annual report, a report from the National Evaluation Authority on “equality in the education system” will be presented during this session, Mr. El Malki also said, stressing that the current context of the reform encourages highlighting the strategic dimension of equality, as a vector of change towards the full citizenship of women and the consolidation of achievements.

This report constitutes the Council’s first contribution to the vast national project on equality between men and women, concluded the president of the CSEFRS.

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