Yasmina Badou is back for good: Here’s why she’s showing solidarity with El Mansouri


Yasmina Badou, former Minister of Health and former leader of the Istiqlal Party, announced her unconditional solidarity with Rafia El Mansouri, after having been subjected, according to her words, to “insults and insults” from Noureddine Madiane, Chairman of the Istiqlal Party Group for Unity and Equality in the House of Representatives.

Yasmina Badou said in a tweet on her official Instagram account that she was saddened by what is happening within a Party as old as the Istiqlal Party, calling for Noureddine Madiane’s membership to be frozen.

Badou also expressed his astonishment at the silence of the Party Leadership on this issue, at a time when it should have met, to make the necessary and appropriate decisions as they evolve.

Badou added that it would have been preferable to freeze Madiane’s membership, in order to be fair to the woman, while waiting for justice to say its last word in this unprecedented situation, according to her.

Rafia El Mansouri, vice-president of the Regional Council of Tangier-Tétouan-Al Hoceima and regional secretary of the Istiqlal Party in the Fahs-Anjra Province, therefore preferred to file a complaint.

Sources indicated that El Mansouri filed a complaint including serious accusations against his colleague Noureddine Madiane, including the accusation of defamation of his private life, which sparked significant discussions and controversies within the House of Representatives .

El Mansouri had written scathing words on the wall of her official Facebook page, referring to a person she called a narcissistic leader without naming him. It was later confirmed that the affair was linked to his Party colleague, Noureddine Madiane.

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