Following the breakdown of submarine cables, Morocco provides Internet to African countries

Since last Thursday, Morocco has been working to provide internet to countries in West and Central Africa that have struggled to access it due to the failure of several underwater fiber optic cables.

According to exclusive data obtained by the electronic newspaper “Hiba Press”, Morocco is the only country whose optical fibers belonging to Moov Africa, a subsidiary of the Maroc Telecom group, have not been affected.

The data also indicates that the distribution of Internet to affected countries is done by connecting Moov Africa customers in Ivory Coast to the Internet via the West Africa submarine cable, belonging to the Maroc Telecom group, which connects Africa from West to Europe via Morocco through 8 disembarkation points.

The same data specifies that teams from Moov Africa and the Maroc Telecom group have been mobilized to increase the capacity of the West Africa submarine cable and Internet access points belonging to Maroc Telecom in Morocco. This has allowed many competing operators to keep their customers connected to the Internet.

The West Africa submarine cable, belonging to the Maroc Telecom group in West Africa, is 9,400 km long and has a capacity ranging from 20 to 60 terabytes per second. It stretches along the west coast of Africa, from Gabon to Morocco, and extends to Portugal with eight access points in seven countries.

This submarine cable for West Africa is another example of the flexibility of Maroc Telecom’s network and the independence of the Internet connection in Africa, demonstrating the strength, efficiency and serious investments of the Morocco in several African countries.

It is worth mentioning that the NetBlocks Internet monitoring observatory revealed last Thursday a major Internet connection outage affecting West and Central Africa, based on reports from telecommunications companies reporting problems with submarine cables.

The company operating the African submarine cable (Sicom) then confirmed that services were interrupted on the cable network in West Africa, and redirected customers who depend on this network to the cable (Google Equiano) used by the company.

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