Deprivation of support for “Forsa” project leaders despite compliance with the required conditions comes to Parliament


Khaled Satti and Loubna Alawi, members of the Union Nationale du Travail au Maroc in the House of Advisors, said that a group of young people were deprived of receiving the aid amounts allocated under the “Forsa” program. ”, although they have passed all the required steps

Both members focused on the coercion faced by young people, which manifests itself in their demands to pay debts related to rental rights and social security expenses that have accumulated on them due to their commitment to respect the deductible specifications in this regard.

This is what he did in an oral question he addressed to the Minister of Tourism, Crafts, Social and Solidarity Economy, in which he asked the Minister to reveal the procedures and the measures it intends to take to ensure that eligible projects receive the support required under the Forsa programme.

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