The Chamber of Opticians blames the Ministry of Health and Vocational Training for the spread of “falsified certificates”

As part of the commitment to workshops to protect the health of Moroccans, and the conviction of the National Professional Chamber of Moroccan Opticians in the defense of the right to health,

The National Professional Chamber of Moroccan Opticians has renewed its demands to the government, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, and the Ministry of Economic Integration and Entrepreneurship and Skills Employment in the optics sector. professional training, to act seriously and take responsibility for protecting the optician/eyewear sector against intrusions and regulating access to the profession. The National Chamber of Moroccan Opticians also warned of the flagrant chaos manifested in the falsified certificates issued by certain private professional training institutions in the field of optics, despite the judgments handed down condemning those involved in the issuance of falsified certificates to practice the profession of optician. ” Optician “.

Also due to the spread of the phenomenon of unauthorized medical caravans, which sell glasses in flagrant violation of the principle of free on which voluntary work targeting vulnerable and disadvantaged groups is based. The Chamber also strongly condemned certain entities for medical device advertising campaigns in flagrant violation of Medical Device Law 12-84 which prohibits this. The chamber revealed that it was developing an activist program to defend the optician sector, advocating for the role of the profession in the health sector and guaranteeing the health security of Moroccans, fully charging the ministry responsible for the sector of vocational training due to the lack of strict monitoring of some private vocational training institutions, and also the Ministry of Health due to the worrying absence of monitoring and coordination with the vocational training sector to regulate and control the teaching of the optics branch.

The Chamber deplored the lack of strict monitoring of unauthorized medical caravans, and the procrastination in punishing companies violating medical device laws, announcing its intention to confront and denounce those involved in the falsified certificates and to combat the illegal marketing of medical devices, and we continue to warn of the dangers of the increase in the number of graduates of professional training institutions in the optics branch, which contradicts Law 00.13 which calls for balance between supply and demand to protect the optician sector in Morocco.

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