The increase in plane ticket prices and the monopoly arouse the anger of the Moroccan community in America.

The cheapest ticket I found costs a million,” commented one of the Moroccan immigrants in the United States on the rising prices of Royal Air Maroc flight reservations for next summer. Another Moroccan immigrant living in America added: “Now I have 4 children, and I wanted to go to Morocco with them this summer. The round trip costs almost two million, we need about 12 million cents to go there, it’s not even enough to buy a bag of groceries in the economy.”

Many comments published by Moroccans residing in America express their dissatisfaction with the company that monopolizes direct flights between America and Morocco, especially during the summer, to the point that one of them commented : “Are we, Moroccans, unworthy of you to lower prices a little so that we can return to our country?

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