AMDH to protest visa rejections before the EU office in October

The Moroccan Association for Human Rights (AMDH) announced it will organize on October 4 a symbolic solidarity stand before the European Union delegation in Hay Riad, Rabat to protest against visa refusals.

AMDH’s central office has previously sent an open letter to the embassy of the European Union as a form of protest.

The letter was sent to raise alarm about the continuous rejections of Schengen visas to Moroccan applicants, mainly French.

The human right association is against violations that people who apply for visas are subjected to.

In the context of these violations, EU countries have largely reduced visa application possibilities, periodically and progressively closing down, in whole or in part, the Internet-based appointment booking platforms for appointments, only opening them for limited periods of time, said AMDH in the first letter.

The AMDH’s demands are clear: an immediate intervention of the European Union and the embassy to put an end to these problems.

On October 4, the AMDH will hand a reminder letter to the ambassador of the European Union.

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