Italy: An imam provokes the death of a Moroccan migrant during a roqya session

The town of Ivrea, in the Turin region of northern Italy, was shaken by the death of a Moroccan migrant during a roqya session led by an imam and a Moroccan religious scholar.

Local sources added that the victim, named “KL” and aged around 43, was suffering from various ailments. He attended a ruqya session at his home before succumbing in the hands of the imam, falling unconscious. The latter was immersed in its rituals, including beatings and alleged violence to exorcise the jinn in order to force the body to release itself.

The same sources reported that the victim's body was taken to the local hospital morgue, where a medical autopsy was carried out to determine the true causes of death. The imam and three relatives of the victim, her husband, her brother and her uncle, were placed in detention by order of the public prosecutor of the Court of Appeal of Ivrea, headed by Gabriella Viggiano, pending the continuation of the case. investigation and autopsy results

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