Casablanca security reveals details of “forged phone call” on “Momo” program

The judicial service of the police in Casablanca opened a judicial investigation under the supervision of the competent public prosecutor's office last week, in order to identify all those responsible for the fabrication of a fictitious crime, the dissemination of false news compromising the feeling of security of citizens through computer systems, and contempt of an organization by providing false information.

The security authorities in Casablanca reacted seriously to a telephone call received by a private radio station, which spoke of an alleged theft and alleged negligence of the security authorities. They treated the call as a report of a real crime, and opened a judicial investigation with a view to arresting the suspects and determining the necessary legal responsibilities.

The investigations carried out, in coordination with the services of the General Directorate of National Territorial Surveillance, revealed that the caller had usurped a false identity, and had invented a fictitious theft with the complicity of another person. He had not consulted any security services, and had made the call in order to serve his personal interests and increase the audience of the said radio station.

The continued investigations in this case have allowed the arrest of the second accomplice in the commission of these criminal acts, which undermine the feeling of security and public tranquility. He was found to have already committed several similar forgery operations using the same criminal modus operandi.

The judicial service of the police in Casablanca continues its investigations in this case under the supervision of the prosecution, where precise digital expertise is currently underway in order to verify the possibility of incitement or prior coordination between the suspects and the program team who received this appeal, and who included material and moral constituent elements of several crimes punishable by law.

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