Prisons/News in our Justice: law 10.23 and the classification of prisoners, their rights, the state of prisons, rehabilitation and reintegration


Based on what happens daily and everywhere in our prisons as shortcomings which are disturbing and which often force the Prison Directorate to always be in tune to provide the necessary realities, we therefore thought about what there now have a “revolution” governing everything that concerns our prisons and inmates

In this context therefore, the Justice Commission of the House of Councilors began the discussion of bill n°10.23 relating to the organization and management of penitentiary establishments. The purpose of this text is to thoroughly review Law No. 23.98 relating to the organization and operation of penitentiary establishments, taking into account the need to guarantee the safety of prisoners, people, buildings and penitentiary facilities. Last October, this bill was unanimously adopted by the Justice Committee of the House of Representatives.

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