Colonel Mustafa Nazih… from “movement” to head of more than “20 Qashla” of civil protection in the Netherlands

Heba Press – Tariq Abla

With his usual smile, his great spontaneity and his remarkable humility, Mustafa Nazih, the colonel of Moroccan origin who heads Civil Protection in the north of the Netherlands, does not fail to attend all the activities organized by the Moroccans of the The Netherlands.

Hiba Press met Colonel Mohamed Nazih during a Ramadan iftar organized by the Moroccan collective fabric in Amsterdam, which he attended as a Moroccan before attending as a senior civil defense official in the Netherlands .

The story of Colonel Muhammad Nazih is worth studying and at least highlighting because it is a source of inspiration for dreamers and a lesson for anyone who is confident in his qualifications and skills and finds and strives to 'achieve what he ultimately wants.

Mustafa Nazih, who arrived in Casablanca on August 29, 1968, precisely in the Burgundy region, and studied in his establishments, including the Al-Bakri primary school, the Al-Biruni high school, then the Moulay Idriss high school, was passionate about swimming. to the point that he represented the Wydad Sports Club, the swimming branch, in the tournaments in which he participated.

Mustafa Nazih's academic career ended at the secondary level for many reasons. He tried “Al-Harik” to realize the European dream that haunted most young people his age. He decided to get on the death ships in the summer of 1989. He arrived safely in Spain and spent some time there illegally, then headed to France and Germany, then to the Finnish capital, Helsinki.

“Ibn Burkun” could not adapt in Finland, mainly because of the difficulty in obtaining residence documents, so he decided to try another country, and the Netherlands served as his refuge , where he met a Moroccan man who owned a sandwich shop, worked with it, and helped him process his legal case, so he could then obtain legal residency papers, which would open a different path for him.

Restaurants to learn the Dutch language, then take an exam for those wishing to work as volunteers in the firefighting and civil protection services, which he passed with distinction, before deciding to complete his studies despite his advanced age . Management engineer in 2001, to open civil protection in the Netherlands, she took up arms again and in an important position.

Mustafa Nazih then obtained a position at the general command of civil prevention in Amsterdam, then applied for the special barrack management exam, which he passed with distinction, and became commander of the special civil protection district of the north and the west of Amsterdam, manager He had more than 150 soldiers under his command, before being promoted. He is one of the agency's senior officers and later rises to the rank of “Colonel”. He commands more than 20 Civil Defense barracks and has hundreds of firefighters under his command. his command.

Colonel Mustafa Nazih, pride of Morocco, is always eager to meet his compatriots and help them as much as possible, and his relationship with his homeland has never changed, but rather has become stronger, as he commits to it every whenever his professional circumstances allow him to do so. visit his country and meet his extended family and childhood companions. Mustafa is an example of self-taught Moroccans who succeeded despite all the difficulties. They challenged themselves to prove a truth: “Determination, diligence, trust in God and parental approval break all obstacles to the achievement of one's goal.

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