Tangier national film festival officially begins

Tangier welcomed the national film festival last night in the presence of filmmakers, actors, cinema students, and the minister of culture and youth Mohamed Mehdi Bensaid.

At the opening ceremony, the minister handed Nadia Larguet, the late Noureddine Sail’s wife an honorary trophy in memory of her husband, a cinema critic, a producer, and figure who has left his mark in the Moroccan audiovisual scene.

The famous director Mohammed Abderrahman Tazi received a trophy as well to pay tribute to all his contributions to Moroccan cinema over the years.

Bensaid told HIBAPRESS Ar that the festival coming back after the two-year hiatus due to Covid-19 is a great opportunity to channel the spirit of the artists who left us after years of being active in the artistic scene, explaining that it is the ministry’s role to do so.

The minister pointed out that ever since he took over the position, the government has been working to strengthen the cultural and cinematic field.

“We consider this field very important to provide new job opportunities and create a real fortune in the film industry in particular and in culture in general because the latter is considered among the most powerful industries in most countries,” said Bensaid.

The festival program includes what’s called “Film Market”, a space dedicated to discussing topics of distribution and cinematic exploitation in the era of digitization and new forms of presentation and distribution, in addition to professional meetings to discuss the reality of national cinema and its development, in addition to other activities.

During the closing ceremony of the festival, participants will be awarded 19 prizes within the three competitions of the festival; This includes the festival’s grand prize, the production award, the jury award, the first work award, the directing award, the script award, the first female role award, the first male role award, the second female role award, the second male role award, the photography award, the sound award, and a sound award, composition, editing, and lastly original music.

The festivities will carry on until the 24 of September in different places all located in the beautiful city of Tangier, with various projections of movies in and out of competitions.

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