The Kingdom's Consulate in Rotterdam organizes an iftar in honor of the Moroccan community

On the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan, the Consulate of the Kingdom of Morocco in Rotterdam organized a large iftar evening, in honor of the Moroccan community, in the presence of Ambassador Mohamed Basri.

The breakfast ceremony was opened with the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran, before Ambassador Mohamed Basri and Consul Abdelali Al-Idrissi gave a speech on this occasion during which they thanked the participants for having responded to the invitation and urged them to cling to Moroccan tradition. traditions deeply rooted in history, before praising the brilliance of Moroccan immigrants in the Netherlands in many fields, particularly sports, because they intended to recall the feat of the Lions during the World Cup in Qatar.

The Iftar celebration brought together personalities and organizations from Moroccan civil society in the Netherlands, as well as many Moroccan immigrants, men and women, and took place in a beautiful Ramadan atmosphere, allowing those present to remember Moroccan rituals during this sacred month, as the Moroccan breakfast table stood out for its diversity, appreciated by all.

The Kingdom's consulates in other Dutch cities will organize similar group breakfast tables, the aim of which is to break the distances with the homeland and allow immigrants to feel the atmosphere of fasting in Morocco as a family.

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