Echorouk newspaper steals photo of Moroccan family from Tetouan and claims they are Algerian


The Algerian newspaper Echorouk, “spokesperson for the military regime”, published a photo of a Moroccan family (Tetouan) and claimed that they were Algerian, in a publication entitled “Algerians abandon Ramadan family celebrations due to of changing mentalities and soaring prices.”

The military media outlet worked on modifying the images using the “Photoshop” program, where some symbols were hidden and writings were added to convince followers that the case was linked to an Algerian family.

By carrying out a simple search using the Google search engine, it clearly appears that this is a Moroccan family from Tetouan, whose photo was taken by the map in an article entitled “The inhabitants of Tetouan submit to market logic and abandon the old customs of Ramadan. »

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