The Ministry of Water: The filling rate of dams in Morocco exceeds 30%

The filling rate of dams in Morocco reached 30.7% until April 1, with a total volume exceeding 4.942 billion cubic meters, according to a bulletin from the Ministry of Equipment and Water on the situation daily of dams in the kingdom.

The ministry specified that six dams reached a filling rate of 100%, namely the El Nahla, Chefchaouen, Cherif Al Idrissi, Oued Zaa, Bouhouda and Sidi Idriss dams.

Five other dams exceeded a filling rate of 90%, namely Dkhila (90.8%), Ait Messaoud (95.7%), Allal Al Fassi (94.9%), Moulay Hassan Ben Mehdi (67%). and M'Siroum (58.5%), as well as Lwahda (53.2%).

Among the other dams, we note a filling rate of 50% for Sidi El Shahid, Bab Louta, Michelifen, Timinoutine and Sidi Mohamed Ben Slimane Jazouli, while the Yaacoub Al Mansour, Abou Al Abbas Al Sebti and Sidi Saeed Maachou dams have reached 86.2%, 78% and 66% respectively.

Depending on the basins, the filling rate is 60.5% for the Loukkos basin, 24.7% for Moulouya, 46.7% for Sebou, 27.7% for Oued Rheraïa-Chaouia, 6.80% for Oum Er-Rbia, 56.7% for Tensift, 14.7% for Souss-Massa, 20.7% for Draa-Wad Noun and 25.5% for Ksob-Ziz-Guerriss.

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