Moroccan Ambassador to the Netherlands Lahba Press: “We are proud of our identity and the Moroccan model is still present”

Heba Press – Tariq Abla

The events and activities of Moroccans in the Netherlands continue during the holy month of Ramadan, this time with a group iftar evening organized by the Consulate of the Kingdom in Utrecht, which saw a large and significant presence.

This joyful Ramadan ceremony was presented by Mr. Mohamed Basri, His Majesty’s Ambassador to the Netherlands, as well as Ms. Buthaina Al-Kardoudi Al-Kalali, Consul General of Morocco, representatives of the embassy and consulate , members of the religious mission, representatives of the Moroccan collective fabric in the Netherlands, civil and military personalities, etc.

The ceremony, which was characterized by a unique Moroccan touch, shows the strong cohesion of Moroccans in the Netherlands and their attachment to their identity, their culture, their civilization and their “tamgrabeit”, which is for them a source of pride in Dutch lands. It was an opportunity to highlight the richness and diversity of the Moroccan table on the one hand, and the generosity, originality and chivalry of Moroccans, on the other.

During this ceremony, Mr. Mohamed Basri, Ambassador of His Majesty the King to the Netherlands, confirmed that this meeting, which brought together Moroccans from the Netherlands, is part of a series of meetings organized by the Consular Representation of Morocco in the Netherlands, and constitutes an opportunity for members of the community to meet each other, as well as with representatives of the Kingdom of Morocco, in consulates or embassies.

The ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco added in his statement to Heba Press that the Moroccan model is always present in such meetings, through the model of the Emirate of the Faithful and the model of the open and modern Moroccan citizen, who respects all components. and constants of the Kingdom of Morocco.

Ambassador Mohamed Basri praised the efforts of Moroccan community activists in the Netherlands, praising the tremendous work they are doing to strengthen ties and bonds between members of the community, as well as to strengthen their presence in Dutch society and promote Moroccan identity and culture. .

In the clip below, you can find the full statement of the Moroccan ambassador to the Netherlands and his speech to the participants of the Ramadan Iftar celebration at the Utrecht consulate:

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