Strengthening the Partnership between Morocco and the European Union

In a constantly evolving global geopolitical context, the partnership between Morocco and the European Union is proving to be of crucial importance. This was stated by Josep Borrell, the European Union representative for foreign affairs and security policy. According to him, this partnership is “more important than ever in the current geopolitical context”.

This declaration comes following fruitful discussions between Borrell and Nasser Bourita, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans living abroad. These talks took place last Wednesday and highlighted the need to strengthen this strategic collaboration.

In a post on the “X” platform, Borrell stressed the importance of breathing new life into this partnership, calling it “more important than ever in the current geopolitical context.”

Discussions between Bourita and Borrell also addressed various bilateral and regional issues. It is undeniable that Rabat and Brussels maintain a solid strategic relationship, based on common values ​​and a shared vision, which makes it a reference in the European neighborhood policy.

It should be noted that Morocco and the European Union launched the “Euro-Moroccan Partnership for Common Prosperity” on June 27, 2019 in Brussels. This legal framework governs bilateral relations and emphasizes four structuring areas: the convergence of values, economic convergence and social cohesion, shared knowledge, as well as political consultation and growing cooperation in security matters. In addition, two essential horizontal axes, namely environmental cooperation and the fight against climate change, as well as cooperation on mobility and migration, will also be strengthened.

This strategic partnership between Morocco and the European Union is expected to prosper in the years to come, thus providing opportunities for economic growth and mutual development for both parties.

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