Internationalization and digital transformation of training: IFIC North Africa Information Day


The Institut de la Formation à Distance de la Francophonie (IFIC) and the North Africa Regional Directorate of the AUF are co-organizing an information day dedicated to Educational Technologies and Digital Pedagogy in Rabat, Morocco, on June 6, 2024. This event will allow discussions with university leaders in Morocco on IFIC’s initiatives to support university establishments in the internationalization and transformation of their training through digital technology.

In the digital age, higher education is undergoing a transformation. Technological advances are redefining the approach of academic institutions to training. These advances impact access to information and the development of skills in educational technologies and digital pedagogy. It is therefore essential to adapt distance learning programs to meet the evolving needs of learners and academic institutions, while ensuring quality education that is accessible to everyone, everywhere.

This day constitutes an opportunity for the exchange of ideas, the sharing of good practices and the strengthening of links between actors engaged in improving distance training in Morocco.

The main objective is to consolidate collaboration between academic establishments that are members of the AUF in Morocco and the IFIC, through an offer of value-added services adapted to promote the internationalization and transformation of their training through digital technology. .

The main participants in this event are the heads of Moroccan university establishments, those responsible for diploma and qualification training programs, as well as those responsible for educational innovation centers.


▪ The internationalization of training offers through digital technology: IFIC offers services to support the internationalization of training offers and their deployment to a multicultural audience throughout the world, through the AUF catalog of international distance learning courses: The IFIC relies in particular on the network of local AUF establishments spread across more than 40 countries to offer administrative, financial and logistical support, as well as for communication and promotion of training.

▪ The digital transformation of training: The IFIC provides member establishments with adapted services to support them in the digital transformation of their training:

Training and support intended for university teacher-trainers, managers in charge of educational or technopedagogical engineering, as well as managers in charge of digital educational strategy and management

– Access to innovative technologies: Educational Multimedia Laboratories, online training platforms

– Authentication on the blockchain of diplomas and certificates


Participants will discover the possibilities offered by IFIC for the internationalization and transformation of training through digital technology. The interactions and exchanges of this day will allow us to build links with professionals sharing the same interests, thus paving the way for future collaborations.

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