Withdrawal of Ramadan Iftar participants with Biden


Several Arab and Muslim guests, including doctors, left an Iftar hosted at the White House by President Joe Biden.

Dr. Thaer Ahmed, returning from Gaza, reportedly told Joe Biden, “I can’t stay for this event while people are being killed in Gaza,” after which he handed over to Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris a letter from a displaced child from Rafah who lost his family.

In doing so, Mr. Biden failed to fulfill his wish for a “quiet and miniature” Iftar after many leaders of the Arab and Muslim community in the United States refused to attend the House invitation White in protest against Israel’s bloody war against the Gaza Strip.

Many guests said they did not feel comfortable celebrating with President Biden as Palestinians face war and famine in Gaza.

Shortly before Iftar, Mr. Biden invited many participants to an extended meeting at the White House to further discuss their views on the war, saying he would do “everything in his power to avoid civilian casualties in Gaza.

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