The “government majority” appreciates the results of government action and welcomes the spirit of cohesion

The presidency of the government majority held its ordinary meeting Thursday evening April 4, 2024 in Rabat, under the presidency of Aziz Akhannouch, president of the National Rally of Independents party, and Fatima-Zahra Mansouri, coordinator of the collective leadership of the General Secretariat of the Party of Authenticity and Modernity, alongside Mohammed Mehdi Bensaid, Salah Eddine Abou El Ghalie and Nizar Baraka, Secretary General of the Independence Party, in the presence of Rachid Talbi Alami, President of the Chamber of representatives and member of the Political Bureau of the National Rally of Independents, and Abdellatif Rachidi, member of the Executive Committee of the Independence Party and president of the Preparatory Committee for the 18th Congress of the Party.

The participants discussed political and economic developments in our country, as well as the future agenda of the work of the presidency of the government majority and ways to strengthen and improve cooperation between the government and all components of the parliamentary majority , both legislatively and in terms of monitoring government work.

After a deep and serious discussion, during which the participants recalled the major reforms undertaken in our country under the senior leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, at all levels, as well as the future challenges facing the Kingdom.

In this regard, the majority highly appreciated the very positive assessment of the government’s work during half the legislature, which the Prime Minister plans to present to Parliament after the opening of the April session, in accordance with the provisions of the Article 101 of the Constitution, and to initiate a public debate on this subject, whether within the parliamentary institution or in the media and the public space in general. This is a positive result which reflects the government’s strong political will to carry out bold economic reforms, consolidate the foundations of the social state and respect the commitments of the government program.

The majority components welcomed the spirit of cohesion and collaboration which characterizes the relationship between the government and the groups of the parliamentary majority, as well as the major roles played by these groups both at the legislative level and in monitoring government work as well as in parliamentary diplomacy, emphasizing the need to continue to strengthen the spirit of solidarity, cooperation and solidarity among them, within the framework of integration and close coordination, in addition to continuing to listen to the opposition and to interact with its components.

The majority also expressed its openness and commitment to the legislative proposals presented by the parliamentary groups, deciding in this regard to set up a mechanism to study and evaluate them, and to interact with what is consistent with the choices and government guidelines.

She stressed the need to continue to coordinate and work collaboratively between the three parties, with regard to alliances linked to the management of local authorities at the local, regional and provincial level, and to ensure the success of this experience, because it offers important possibilities for the implementation of public policies in accordance with the proximity policy, and with the necessary effectiveness and efficiency.

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