Officially… April 20, the date of the announcement of the founding of the Kabyle State in the heart of New York

The American authorities allowed the “MAK” movement led by Ferhat Mehenni to announce the creation of the Kabyle state on April 20 during a ceremony organized in the heart of New York. The license granted by the American authorities to the MAK movement to announce the founding of the Kabyle State, which occupies vast territories claimed by the Algerian military regime and denies the presence of its leaders and citizens abroad, was considered by the analysts as explicit support from America to the Kabyle state.

At the same time, the movement for the autonomy of Kabylia, which is under occupation by the Algerian army, sent official invitations to several countries to attend the official ceremony announcing the creation of the Kabyle state.

The MAK extended invitations to a group of foreign ministries of major powers such as France, Germany, Spain, the United States, Canada, as well as a number of European countries and Latin America, in addition to Arab countries, led by the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, the Sultanate of Oman, Libya, Tunisia and a number of African countries.

Through these invitations, MAK aims to broaden the base of support which has grown in recent times, with several countries having hosted representatives of the movement for the liberation of Kabylia from Algerian military occupation and expressing their support for the right and legitimate cause of the Kabyle people to determine their own destiny and obtain independence from oppressive military authorities.

Furthermore, the official telegrams sent to the countries mentioned above informed of the date of the announcement of the birth of the State on the 20th of this month in the United States, as well as of the confirmation of the determination of the movement to proclaim the independence of Kabylia unilaterally by the end of next year, and precisely before June 14, if the Algerian regime does not respond to the just demands of the Kabyle people.

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