USA/presidential election: Biden’s popularity has fallen, full support of the American people for singer Taylor Swift

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As US President Joe Biden’s popularity has declined over the last period, and his popularity has fallen to around 40% of US voters, a poll by the Marist Institute found that the American people’s support for the Singer Taylor Swift, if she were to run for president in 2024, reached 70%.

Despite her overwhelming popularity, Swift has not decided to run for president, and it is possible that she will improve Joe Biden’s standing by calling for his support in 2024, especially since he has already officially announced his candidacy for a new presidential term.

The American singer had already received harsh criticism from Democrats for not having publicly supported Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump in 2016, before officially announcing her support for Joe Biden against Donald Trump in 2020, and accusing the former Republican president for “fanning the flames of white supremacy and racism throughout his term in office.” »

In this context, Matthew Harris, professor of political science at Park University, said: “Taylor Swift was popular in 2020, but her popularity has moved to another level, and she enjoys great popularity among young women of voting age, and Joe Biden is counting heavily on this base of voters which brought him to power, in 2020, for his re-election. »

He pointed out that opinion polls are not looking good for Democrats among young people, especially since the start of the war between Israel and Hamas, as many criticize the Biden administration’s strong support for its Israeli ally.

He recalls another survey, published by the Harvard Institute in early December, which shows a drop in the number of young people who intend to participate in the electoral process, 49% compared to 57% in the fall of 2019.

According to Matthew Harris, “it is Taylor Swift who will have the greatest impact on the election”.

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