World Water Forum: Baraka calls for increased international cooperation on water


The Minister of Equipment and Water, Nizar Baraka, called, Wednesday in Bali (Indonesia), for the strengthening of international cooperation in water matters in order to give this sector “all the place it deserves in public policies”.

“International cooperation in the water sector will play an important role in giving water the place it deserves in public policies,” declared Mr. Baraka during the meeting of ministers organized within the framework of of the 10th World Water Forum, currently being held in Bali.

In this sense, he affirmed that Morocco is willing to share its experience in this area with all countries, recalling that the water policy implemented by Morocco has experienced a decisive turning point according to the guidelines of King Mohammed. VI.

This policy was implemented, according to the minister, through the diversification of the development of water supply into conventional and unconventional water mobilization projects, in addition to the management of water demand, by supporting with communication and awareness-raising actions on water saving.

“The Kingdom, which has suffered the 6th consecutive year of drought since 2018, has managed to overcome episodes of drought thanks to its hydraulic infrastructure and its national water policy in accordance with the far-sighted vision of the late HM Hassan II, consolidated and revitalized by HM King Mohammed VI,” said Mr. Baraka.

Under the leadership of HM the King, Morocco put in place a road map which made it possible in particular to improve the yields of drinking water distribution and irrigation networks, to set up collection systems rainwater and seawater desalination plants in order to achieve a target of 1.7 billion m3 by 2030, noted the minister.

This roadmap also made it possible to network basins so that excess water lost at sea is transferred to the most deficit basins, he added.

Remember that the opening ceremony of the 10th edition of the World Water Forum was marked by the presentation of the Hassan II World Water Grand Prize (8th edition) to the United Nations Food Organization and Agriculture (FAO), in recognition of its commitment to the global water and food security agenda.

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