BO: Moroccan cannabis now has its own logo


The new logo which will be used to identify licit cannabis-derived products is affixed in the reference colors “green” and “red” in the case of four-color printing. In the absence of this possibility, the decree authorizes the use only of the colors “white” and “black”. Furthermore, the logo must be legible and framed in a square of at least 9 millimeters, but this size can be reduced to a minimum of 6 millimeters for small packaging, while respecting specific criteria (fonts, capital letters, characters).

It is above all a joint decree of the Ministers of the Interior and of Trade and Industry published in the BO of April 1, 2024, which lifted the veil on the new logo, but it is also a new step which has just taken place. be taken in the Moroccan strategy relating to the development of the legal cannabis sector.

Two cooperatives approved by the National Agency for the Regulation of Activities Relating to Cannabis (ANRAC) exported, on Tuesday April 9, 3 kg of cannabis resin, a test to determine the export logistics adapted to the sector.

The exported products will be used for the health industries in Switzerland or in the composition of food supplements in various countries in Europe.

Still, the first harvest of legal cannabis in 2023, under the aegis of ANRAC, amounted to a total of 294 tonnes, with an average production ranging from 10 to 27 quintals per hectare.

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