Discovery of a major gas deposit: imminent launch of prospecting work off the coast of Larache

Positive signs have been discovered off the coast of Larache, revealing the presence of a significant deposit of natural gas, which appears to have accelerated exploration and prospecting work in the region.
In this context, the British company “Chariot”, specialized in oil and gas exploration, announced that it had finalized the partnership formalities with the “Energean” group and obtained the necessary government and regulatory licenses from the Kingdom of Morocco to begin prospecting work off the coast of Larache.

This partnership aims to strengthen and intensify prospecting work in the region, given the positive indicators signaling the region’s natural gas wealth, with significant financial investments from both companies for prospecting.

According to previously released figures, “Chariot” received an upfront payment of $10 million from “Energean” after the deal was concluded. Additionally, a drilling contract was signed with the Stena company to use the “Stena Forth” drilling unit in the appraisal drilling and development of a well located to the east of the Anchois gas field. , as well as an additional optional well within the Lexi license area.

The tests will be carried out a few weeks after the end of drilling operations and will aim to evaluate current reservoirs, also including flow tests for undiscovered resources to increase the development of available resources to over 30 billion cubic meters.

It should be noted that several large global companies specializing in the exploration of gas and energy minerals have obtained exploration licenses in different regions of the Kingdom of Morocco, which will allow them to expand their natural gas research activities to as positive indicators emerge from the first prospecting operations.

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