FIFA launches series of events related to data protection and cyber security risks


The first event related to data protection and cyber security risks organized by FIFA was held on Tuesday April 9 in Zurich.

Aimed at professionals in the sports sector, it will give the floor to experts in confidentiality and cyber security risks in sport.

Firstly, Stéphanie Saulnier, from the National Commission for Information Technology and Liberties (CNIL), will present the golden rules for the protection of athletes’ data in relation to individual physical performances. An informal exchange will follow with Tomas Maldonado, Director of Information and Security of the NFL.

This series of events represents the first step in FIFA’s Data Protection and Cyber ​​Security Department’s long-term plan to offer a wide range of seminars, events, blogs and other resources designed to provide practical tools and information relevant to member associations.

As a reference in terms of data protection and cybersecurity but also a sports organization, FIFA must highlight good practices – such as those adopted by the CNIL and the NFL – to its member associations and the world of sport in general.

“It is essential to guarantee confidentiality and put in place robust cybersecurity measures,” said FIFA Head of Data Protection and Cybersecurity Risks, Jorge Oliveira e Carmo. “This type of event allows participants to share their experiences, their knowledge and the strategies put in place. All of this helps to raise awareness of privacy and cybersecurity issues in the sports industry. »

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