Analysis: Water and trees are at the crossroads of sciences and traditions and can bring humans together whatever their culture

HIBAPRESS-RABAT- International Tree Forum

Trees are inseparable from life on earth, and remain our last chance in the face of a spiraling ecological and climate crisis. The preservation of forests, their rehabilitation and the introduction of tree systems in agricultural areas are becoming one of the global challenges of the years to come.

Paradoxically, deforestation is accelerating while never before in human history have we become more aware of the importance of trees and forests, their benefits on the climate, biodiversity and the health of populations in cities. like in the countryside.

Water and trees are more than essential to the biological and social life of human populations: they have a spiritual value. We find the spiritual dimension of water and trees in most of the traditions and religions of our planet. Water and trees are at the crossroads of sciences and traditions and can bring together humans whatever their culture.

Trees and forests hold solutions for the world of tomorrow. They show us how to create wealth and life instead of exploiting it. The large-scale forest is self-sufficient in water and food. The tree cannot fetch water: it makes it come to itself.

The International Forums of Trees and People propose to create a Tree-Human synergy that generates wealth in all areas: environmental, agricultural, social, cultural, economic, educational, health and spiritual. The alliance of sciences and traditions preserves and enhances the collective memory of human populations in their relationship to nature and Mother Earth in general.

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