Netherlands.. The International Film and Migration Festival brings together a group of Moroccan artists

Heba Press from the Netherlands

From April 19 to 21, the Dutch city of Utrecht will host the fourth session of the International Film and Migration Festival.

The opening ceremony was marked by the significant presence of a group of Moroccan and Arab artists and directors, in the absence of representatives of the Moroccan diplomatic corps in the Netherlands, due to the event coinciding with the death of the consul general of Morocco in the Netherlands. town of Den Bosch.

Moroccan artist Bouchra Aharish excelled in presenting and activating the festival segments, so she managed to attract the attention and following of the participants, after speaking and sometimes being affected by the loss of the consul Moroccan in the town of Den Bosch. and at other times through her praise of the organization of the festival, she also did not forget to dialogue with her fellow artists or those responsible for this event in a comic form that simplifies and dazzles the participants.

Benyounis Bahkani, director of the festival, confirmed that the fourth session of the festival takes place within the framework of the activities carried out by the Foundation for Communication, Culture and Media over a period of 20 years.

In a statement to Heba Press, Benyounis highlighted that the issue of immigration is a major topic that has been addressed by many researchers and interested parties, noting that the festival stood out for the choice of topics that address the issues linked to immigration and his relations with a certain number of people. social and economic problems.

Benyounes continued by affirming: “We are seriously seeking to revitalize the Moroccan cinematographic field in terms of immigration, the influence of Moroccan cinema, and to bring Moroccan immigrants and immigrants closer to Moroccan and Arab cinema.”

For his part, Zaid Taim, head of the festival organizing committee, stressed that this session, for which Palestine was chosen as guest of honor, was distinguished by the significant presence of Moroccan artists.

Tim Zaid added that the opening ceremony coincided with the death of the consul general of Morocco in the Dutch town of Den Bosch, expressing his condolences to the Moroccan ambassador to the Netherlands for the death of the consul, to his family and the Kingdom of Morocco.

The same speaker added that the presence of Moroccan artists, ambassadors of art and giving, represents the Kingdom in the best way, praising the culture, heritage, civilization and history of Morocco.

The same speaker praised the efforts and support of the Kingdom of Morocco, under the leadership of King Mohammed VI, for the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian people.

In turn, Sanaa Mouzian, president of the festival jury, expressed her joy at being present at this session, to watch Moroccan cinematographic works and to meet her fellow Moroccan artists and directors.

Artist Amal Al-Tamar also expressed her joy at attending this session of the festival in Utrecht, noting that it is an opportunity to exhibit Moroccan works of art and meet Moroccan and Arab artists and creators .

Al-Tamar sent her greetings to Moroccans around the world, as well as a word of thanks to the Moroccan community in the Netherlands, who welcomed her with the warmest welcome.

Moroccan artist Zakaria Atti in turn spoke of the coincidence of his presence at the fourth session of the festival, which coincided with his presence in Europe, stressing that his presence is an honor for him and an honor for Moroccan cinema in general. . .

A number of Moroccan films participating in the festival compete for specific prizes, which address the issue of immigration and its relationship with a range of social and economic phenomena.

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