SECTOR M: Marjane Group continues its commitment to producers, cooperatives and the environment


Judicious management of water resources has enabled significant water savings of up to 50%. More than 60 FILIERE M partner producers and cooperatives have chosen eco-responsible agriculture. FILIERE M is expanding to other cooperatives in partnership with the Agricultural Development Agency (ADA).

Meknes, April 23, 2024 – Marjane Group is fully committed to promoting responsible agriculture through its eco-responsible initiative, FILIERE M. As part of the 16th edition of the International Agricultural Show in Morocco (SIAM) under the theme “Climate and Agriculture: For sustainable and resilient production systems”, FILIERE M positions itself as a concrete response to current environmental challenges, both through its responsible management of resources and its compliance with the rigorous standards of the specifications applied, as well as through the establishment of partnerships at the national level.

The constant progress of FILIERE M

Five years after its launch, FILIERE M brings together more than 60 producers, including 15 cooperatives, marking a significant step forward in its development. This dynamic results in a notable increase of 21% in turnover, accompanied by an expansion of the Group’s range of fresh products. With now 118 FILIERE M products, including 17 new products introduced in 2023 such as salads, cabbage, raspberries and saffron, the initiative is establishing itself as a pillar of the supply of sustainable local products.

This initiative, crowned with the “Responsible Flavor 2024 Approved” label, a new distinction introduced during the 2024 edition, highlights the exceptional quality of two emblematic products: FILIERE M Beef and FILIERE M Organic Argan Oil. This label demonstrates both their remarkable taste and nutritional properties and the rigorous eco-responsible practices adopted by Marjane Group.

FILIERE M’s eco-responsible commitments FILIERE M is part of a global approach to environmental protection, ensuring that its agricultural activities contribute to the preservation of natural resources and the sustainability of agricultural land.

Thus, FILIERE M’s partner producers integrate environmentally friendly agricultural practices, reducing water consumption and minimizing the risks of pollution. By complying with the strict standards of FILIERE M’s specifications, farmers adopt rational irrigation methods, such as drip irrigation, which allow more efficient use of water. These practices, combined with regular analyzes of water quality and precise management of irrigation periods and frequencies according to the needs of each crop, contribute to significant water savings, reaching up to 50% in some crops.

At the same time, FILIERE M makes it a point of honor to protect agricultural land against all forms of pollution and degradation. By imposing eco-responsible agricultural practices in its specifications, FILIERE M ensures that its producers respect strict standards aimed at preserving soil fertility and reducing the risks of chemical contamination. By favoring reasoned and sustainable cultivation methods, FILIERE M contributes to maintaining the biodiversity and health of agricultural ecosystems. In addition, regular checks and audits are carried out to ensure compliance with these environmental commitments.

The expansion of FILIERE M to other cooperatives in partnership with the ADA as part of the “Productive Alliances” project

The Marjane Group’s “Productive Alliances” project, in partnership with the Agricultural Development Agency (ADA), is making great strides since its signature in May 2023, during the 15th edition of SIAM.

Involving agricultural cooperatives in several regions of Morocco, this project aims to support these groups of cooperatives in the implementation of their business plans, thus making them eligible for the numerous advantages offered by FILIERE M. This strategic collaboration includes technical support on various aspects such as governance, agricultural production, product valorization, quality, traceability, packaging, supply and marketing.

In addition, concrete actions are being put in place to facilitate these cooperatives’ access to markets through Marjane Group, where particular attention is paid to the assortment, costs and promotion of the products of the groups concerned. To this end, Marjane Group guarantees an optimal assortment of their products, promoting their visibility and reducing logistics costs. Distribution access costs are minimized thanks to the exemption from entry fees and listing fees. In addition, product promotion benefits from active support, with assistance to improve their presentation and enhanced visibility in the Group’s communication campaigns.

The progress of the “Productive Alliances” project is already significant: 13 agricultural cooperatives from various sectors, 683 beneficiaries including 259 women, production estimated at more than 2,000 tonnes intended for FILIERE M, a forecast turnover of 26 million dirhams per year. year and a total investment of 5.4 million dirhams, including technical assistance of 3.4 million dirhams from the ADA, supplemented by an allocation of 2 million dirhams from the Regional Directorates of Agriculture for equipment and developments producer groups.

This intensive process prepares these groups to launch the marketing of their products from June 2024. The intense technical commitment, with nearly 360 man-days, testifies to the involvement of Marjane Group and the ADA in the success of these alliances. , marking a step towards more sustainable agriculture.

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