Social dialogue in the health sector continues and has made it possible to achieve several demands (Mr. Ait Taleb)

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The Minister of Health and Social Protection, Khalid Ait Taleb, affirmed Tuesday in the House of Advisors that social dialogue with unions in the health sector “continues and will not stop”, and that it “made it possible to realize several demands expressed by the unions and to obtain unequaled results”.

The social dialogue, which totaled 58 meetings, resulted in the signing of a series of agreements and the preparation of minutes covering several points, including demands having a financial impact, as well as others having a moral consideration for health professionals.

He added that the ministry is continuing the process of sectoral social dialogue until its final phase, that of arbitration by the Head of Government, denying that the latter refused to meet with the health unions.

In this regard, Mr. Ait Taleb stressed that the supervisory ministry “has approved several points, but there are others which require the arbitration of the Head of Government, being linked to financial commitments of the State” .

The minister also welcomed the results obtained in 2022, saluting the social partners for their involvement in the reform of the health system and their contribution to the promulgation of several legal texts.

“We were able to address a set of issues that had been pending for 10 years, and the work continued in 2023 with the establishment of a set of laws, with the contribution and consultation of trade union organizations,” said -he said, emphasizing the ministry’s determination to publish the implementing texts and honor its commitments.

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