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At the International Agricultural Show in Morocco (SIAM), we strongly noticed the illustration of the continued involvement of the COSUMAR Group for this 2024 edition. This year, where the Group highlights its essential contribution to the food sovereignty of the Morocco and its increased commitment to sustainable development, in perfect harmony with the theme of the show: “Climate and Agriculture: For sustainable and resilient production systems”.

Since its founding in 1929, COSUMAR has established itself as the spearhead of the Moroccan sugar industry, embodying dynamism, resilience and innovation in the agri-food sector. Its dedication to the sugar sector is manifested through an environmentally friendly value chain, guaranteeing the safety, quality and efficiency of our production.

This file highlights the capital importance of its sector for the Moroccan economy, detailing the strategic initiatives and projects that the Group has undertaken to affirm its commitment to a sustainable future. As a responsible and committed actor, its presence at SIAM 2024 underlines its desire to promote environmentally friendly industrial development, supported by its ongoing efforts in terms of social and environmental responsibility, and unwavering support for its agricultural partners.

The presence of the COSUMAR Group at SIAM this year is a testimony to its desire to promote more sustainable agricultural and industrial practices. It is determined to maintain its leadership and innovate within the agri-food sector by sharing its successes, its challenges and its aspirations with all key players, partners, the media, and the public.

The COSUMAR Group aspires for this file to offer everyone a complete perspective on its commitment. He always remains at everyone’s disposal for any request for additional information or to discuss his initiatives in more detail.

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