French green light… Dozens of fighter planes from the Emirates to Morocco

A Spanish newspaper reported improving relations between France and Morocco, prompting Paris to give the green light to the Emirates to deliver a number of French-made Mirage fighter jets to Morocco.

According to the newspaper “Español”, the United Arab Emirates wants to deliver to Morocco 30 French Mirage 2000-9 fighter jets currently in service with its air force, but they need approval from France. This is a common clause in the arms industry to avoid the resale of sensitive equipment.

Abu Dhabi signed a deal in 2021 to buy a total of 80 Dassault Rafale fighter jets, also made in France, to replace its Mirage fleet.

The newspaper said the Emirates plans to give Morocco Mirages as soon as they receive Rafales in the coming years.

According to “Español”, reports have circulated of France’s desire to buy back the Mirages to transfer them to Ukraine and use them against Russia, but it appears that improving relations with Rabat precipitated Paris’ approval for their transfer to Morocco from 2027, when the Emirates will begin to receive the Rafale.

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