Yesterday the 8th Moulay El Hassan International Para Athletics Meeting began in Marrakech in earnest


Yesterday Friday, the competitions of the 8th Moulay El Hassan International Para Athletics Meeting officially began in Marrakech with the record participation of 67 countries, some of which were not clearly known in sport on the international scene, such as Tonga, Bhutan, Kyrgyzstan. , Grenadine, Sri Lanka…and others that we consider “allies” of the Polisario like South Africa, Zimbabwe, Lesoto…

And as the Meeting is in itself a meeting place, especially between Persons with Disabilities, it is obvious that solidarity takes precedence and with it this feeling of approach which should normally bring together all these Athletes from whatever countries they are. because ultimately it is only a simple competition which must certainly evolve the sporting skills of each country but also a favorable opportunity to better bring human beings closer together whatever their physical or mental situation.

Morocco is today a center of attraction for all sports of all kinds and we know that the Kingdom is capable of meeting all kinds of challenges and it is for this reason also that the president of the FRMSPSH Hamid El Aouni always wanted to get in tune, try the impossible and create the necessary and appropriate atmosphere

El Aouni is a man who must be proud of him because with an insufficient budget which cannot satisfy certain requests he remained faithful to his principle of organizing this major event for our country and if today the Meeting is in its 8th Edition, it is by the will of this man who firmly believes in this large-scale international competition for the Kingdom and under no circumstances wants to abandon himself or submit to decline

The Meeting also includes conferences, meetings, workshops and other training courses on different subjects relevant to the progress of the event such as an IPC Regional training course, medical classification in para athletics sport, raise the level of knowledge for young people around sport for people with disabilities

Still, with his great experience and in-depth knowledge in this field, we can only be optimistic about the total success of this Meeting with Hamid El Aouni who has already achieved strong performances during previous Meetings.

The party has started and let’s expect lots of records to be posted Inshaa ALLAH

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