LG Showcase MEA 2024 returns with the latest innovations from LG Electronics


LG Showcase MEA 2024 today welcomed guests and partners who came to Abu Dhabi to discover the brand’s latest and best products.

The two-day event held at the Conrad Abu Dhabi Etihad Towers Hotel in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, welcomed over 500 guests who were able to experience all the new innovations from LG Electronics that will be rolled out in the region. The LG Showcase, which returns after last year’s success, will create a common platform to experience LG Electronics’ unique customer-focused innovations and reaffirms the company’s vision of bringing innovative products to market that improve the overall customer experience. The event is structured around the theme “Reinventing Together”, which expresses the brand’s commitment and passion for its customers and their needs.

Mr. Il Hwan Lee, General Manager of LG MEA Region, said: “We experienced huge success when we held the LG Showcase MEA event again last year and we are delighted to see the same success during today’s event. It is a great pleasure to present our latest innovations and give our guests the chance to discover them up close. We are happy to see the love and appreciation for each product and look forward to introducing more to this region.” He added: “This event is a platform that not only showcases our products but also reiterates our commitment to our customers. This event also serves as a platform for networking with our business partners and fostering relationships, another essential part of our work. »

The large-scale event also hosted several exhibition areas, where LG Electronics products were showcased in their ideal usage scenario. This included a hero zone with the 97-inch LG SIGNATURE WIRELESS OLED M, the world’s first consumer TV with Zero Connect technology that enables transfer of 4K video and audio, wirelessly at 120Hz. Also on display was LG’s innovative StanbyME Go, the 27-inch FHD smart display that comes in a carrying bag with a built-in three-hour battery that allows for ultimate portability and makes it an ideal companion for a outdoor use, such as picnics and barbecues.

The event highlighted LG Electronics’ latest innovations in processors and software with the new α (Alpha )11 processor to be used in its flagship TVs and the latest WebOS respectively. The α (Alpha )11 processor will be actively used in flagship TVs for powerful artificial intelligence functions that enhance the visual experience, while the new WebOS brings a revamped home screen with wider title cards and more fluid tiles. The new WebOS will expand to 300 TV brands and 3,500 content partners, including local partners, and will see its active users increase 20 times in the MEA region.

A dedicated area for audio-visual products was also present, including the latest XBOOM speakers which deliver big, bold sound with powerful bass. These included the LG XBOOM XL9T, the most powerful party speaker in its class, and its smaller variant, the LG dynamic pixel lighting offering animation patterns, visual EQ or even characters, making it the perfect accessory for hanging out with friends or a party staple.

LG CineBeam Q, LG’s much-anticipated, stylish and smallest 4K portable projector, was one of the main attractions. This powerful 4K laser projector not only offers stunning image quality, but also a range of streaming functions, while its minimalist design fits in with any interior design style.

The IT zone, meanwhile, showcased the latest range of LG UltraGear OLED gaming monitors, including the new 32GS95UE, the world’s first VESA Dual Mode certified gaming monitor, as well as the LG MyView Smart Monitor, a must-have for productivity and entertainment. To top it all off, LG Electronics introduced the LG MAGNIT (model LSAL006), a stunning 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution Micro LED display, which delivers unmatched picture quality thanks to the brilliance of Micro technology. LED, ideal for personal and professional use. For retail, LG introduced the transparent OLED displays, which were highlighted in the LG Café experience zone.

The exhibition area also included a space dedicated to household appliances, including washing machines and air conditioning solutions, as well as the brand’s high-end built-in solutions. In this area was the MoodUP™ refrigerator, which adds unique personality to any home kitchen with the ultimate in customization by allowing users to choose from 22 colors for the top door panel and 19 colors for the bottom panel. In addition to its visual aesthetics, the new LG MoodUPTM refrigerator features three LED panel doors and a fourth transparent door. Also on display was LG’s integrated kitchen package, a unique line that includes an InstaView™ oven, QuadWash™ dishwasher, bottom freezer refrigerator and microwave, making it easier for customers to build an experience all-inclusive powered by LG Electronics.

Also on display were its residential air conditioning units, such as the ARTCOOL range which features the LG DUAL Inverter Compressor™, an essential element that provides powerful cooling without affecting efficiency. Also on display was LG’s new WashTower™ Compact laundry solution, which focuses on efficiency and space by combining both a washer and dryer with an all-in-one control panel. one and advanced AI in a single unit with a capacity of 13 kilograms for the washing machine and 10 kilograms for the dryer. LG Electronics has also set up “Life Style” zones, with a range of suitable products. These included the ThinQ-powered home setup, a sleek cafe setup, and a camping setup.

For more details on LG Electronics’ product line, please visit: www.lg.com

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