The Consul General of Morocco in Naples underlines the importance of disseminating the electronic appointment and registration system

Abdellatif El-Baz – Italy Office

As part of improving the quality of services provided to members of the Moroccan community, which also has new ambitions and great expectations to match the major national projects underway in our country, which imposes on us today today, the need to reflect on a new perspective of consular work, which takes into account the specificity of new generations with their culture and their future challenges and which addresses their consular, social and administrative problems in such a way as to meet their requirements and provide immediate and practical answers. their questions.

In order to provide quality consular services for the benefit of Moroccan citizens residing abroad in general and Moroccans in Italy in particular, since the beginning of last April, the two electronic appointment booking systems you “Rendez-vous” and the electronic stamp “to pay consular fees electronically” have been distributed to all diplomatic and consular missions of the Kingdom.

In this regard, Mohamed Khalil, Consul General of the Kingdom of Morocco in Naples, confirmed in an exclusive statement to Hiba Press that the dissemination of the two electronic systems for making appointments and the electronic mail system for payment of consular fees to all diplomatic missions and consular centers of the Kingdom are in accordance with the High Royal Instructions and in consistency with the strategy pursued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans residing abroad in the consular field, which aims to provide distinguished consular services while ensuring that appropriate conditions are provided for their implementation.

He stressed that the system will also allow members of the Moroccan community to benefit seamlessly from consular services under appropriate reception conditions, as well as to reduce the necessary delays, in addition to the quality of the reception and the service which they receive. is provided.

He also stressed that this will significantly contribute to reducing congestion in front of the Kingdom’s consular services, and will allow diplomatic missions and consular centers to optimally manage the space intended for reception, and to use the modern communication technologies to improve consular services.

The diplomatic official added that this service is in addition to the set of services provided, such as the consular call center, mobile consulates and open days, which mainly aim to bring the administration closer to the citizen and to improve and improve reception so that fulfilling administrative objectives does not constitute a burden for Moroccans around the world.

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