Tomorrow, 3rd edition of the Conference on the Sustainability of Fisheries Resources in Morocco: FENIP’s vision in relation to innovation


The vision of the National Federation of Fishing Products Processing and Valorization Industries (FENIP) in relation to innovation is an examination of the main obstacles and assets associated with the sector which shows that the resolution of the development problems of innovative products and corresponding markets cannot be envisaged without intense collaboration of all the players involved in a winning strategy.

Thus, to allow the economic fabric of the sector to benefit from around fifteen years of Research, FENIP has developed a summary of the most promising projects. The objective is to work with public and private stakeholders to encourage the industrialization of these projects and allow manufacturers to access support measures to help them in all phases of production and until marketing. innovative products in growing markets.

FENIP is committed to working in close collaboration with the stakeholders concerned in order to meet the challenge of innovation and push as much as possible manufacturers in the sector to align themselves with the international trend which is experiencing major upheavals in terms of innovation, sustainability and digitalization.

As consumers demand high-quality processed foods with minimal quality changes, alternative or new processing technologies are being explored and implemented to provide healthy, innovative and fresh-tasting foods while reducing unwanted changes. during the transformation. Recent developments have improved handling, product development, packaging, preservation and storage techniques.

Innovative preparation and packaging techniques have been developed to meet consumer demands for safe, high-quality, easy-to-use and ready-to-use products.

On the one hand, these initiatives refer to studies carried out by the Department of Maritime Fisheries, FENIP, INRH and universities in which these new techniques are used, it aims to inform on the current state of new applications in seafood products.

On the other hand, offering new perspectives to business leaders is another objective in order to show them that innovation will encourage and please people to consume these products.

To support companies in their innovation efforts, the Ministry of Industry has launched an industrial innovation support program with an integrated offer which aims to support industrial companies throughout their research and development process. , prototyping and industrialization in the pilot phase.

This program is structured around the following three complementary offers:

Offer 1: Support for patent valorization

Offer 2: Support for industrial R&D/Innovation projects

Offer 3: Support for industrialization in the pilot phase.

This 3rd edition of the “Conference on the Sustainability of Fisheries Resources in Morocco” will take place tomorrow Wednesday, May 15, 2024 in Casablanca

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